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Shampoo and Conditioner 8 oz Set.

Your choice of Kerahair, Chocohair or Keravino 8oz.




Kerahair Daily Shampoo provides a profound cleaning on the scalp, taking away residues that block the pores. May be used daily and is recommended for all hair types.


The Kerahair Daily Conditioner has a high concentration of molecules with that assist in conditioning and sealing the fibers of the hair. It is rich in proteins and vegetable vitamins. The conditioner helps to seal the cuticles and reduce frizz, while keeping the hair hydrated and shiny.


Key active ingredients include Aloe Vera, proteins and vegetable vitamins.




Chocohair Hydrating Shampoo is designed for hair that is dry, broken, or has undergone chemical treatments. The shampoo works by eliminating product buildup and allowing the scalp to have a balanced pH, while accelerating natural lubrication. The end result is hair that is smooth and hydrated. Follow with Chocohair Hydrating Conditioner for best results.


The Chocohair Hydrating Conditioner penetrates the hair and forms an invisible pellicle over the strands and makes it easier to comb. The conditioners protects the hair, makes it smooth and gives it natural movement.


Key active ingredients include Cocoa, vitamins and protein oil and extracts.




Keravino Intensive Therapy Shampoo is loaded with antioxidants that rejuvinate the hair. The shampoo does an intense cleaning of hair and the scalp. It is rich in grape seed oils and extracts that help it it stimulates the production of new cells, and accelerate hair growth. The use of the Keravino Intensive Therapy Conditioner is recommended to complete the results.


The Keravino Intensive Therapy Conditioner is rich in antioxidants to rejuvinate the hair. The conditioner penetrates into the strand and helps to provide elasticity while restoring breakage. The conditioner is designed to give an intense treatment of antioxidants and vitamins to the cuticle and scalp. Best results if used with Keravino Intensive Therapy Shampoo.


Key active ingredients include Grape seed oil and extract, and acai berry.

Shampoo & Conditioner Set

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