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Keratin Trio for all hair types includes purifying shampoo and Kerahair Keratin,

Chocohair Keratin, and Keravino Keratin.


Kerahair is a revolutionary hair re-conditioner that contains powerful antioxidants and nano-molecules of Keratin. Kerahair contains Aloe Vera, Acai Berry, and Passion Fruit extracts, which are rich in vitamins E and C. Promotes up to 70% curl reduction.


Chocohair reconditions the hair, leaving the hair shaft smooth and frizz-free. Chocohar contains a high concentration of cocoa extracts, which provides vitamins and other emollient properties. Chocohair also has ingredients such a Acai Berry, Aloe Vera, Vitamins C,D and E to assist in restoring damaged hair back to its original healthy condition. This product works best on hair that has been chemically processed, colored or highlighted. Promotes up to 80% curl reduction.


Keravino is a cocktail of natural ingredients that reconditions, repairs, moisturizes and protects damaged hair. The ingredients include the natural collage, aloe vera, acai berry, grape seed oil and grape seed extract. 

Keravino works to fortify the hair, eliminate frizz, and reduce volume. The combination of the natural ingredients act as a healing agent and provide the hair with the most straightening.  Promotes curl reduction up to 90%.

Keratin Holiday Trio

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