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Hair protein is a two-step reconstructive system designed to treat hair porosity and elasticity while restoring disulfide bonds.

It can be applied as a reconstruting system by using only step 1 and step 2, and it can also be mixed with lightener to restore and fortify bonds during your color treatment.


By using the amino acids that build the hairs structure, it can be use before, during and after chemical procedures to revive the dry strand, fortify the hair, and increase hair shine and manageability.

The final result is hair that is completely restored, realigned, and healthy.

Key Ingredients

HP-  1 - Before
HP-  1 - After
HP-  2 - Before
HP-  2 - After
Slice Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis Mill.,

Aloe Vera

Healing properties, promotes hair growth, and fortifies the hair.


Rosemary Oil

One of the principle essential oils for the thickness and growth of the hair.

Close up of food supplement oil filled c


Natural antioxidants that assist with maintaining hair growth and thickness.

Lavender and essential oil on white back

Lavender Oil

Increase the blood circulation, calming, supports a healthy scalp by helping relieve irritations, and combats hair loss.

Serine amino acid molecule.jpg

Amino Acids

Aids in construction of cells and repair and growth of the strands.


Prickly Pear

Provides rejuvination, and has repairing and softening action. Deeply conditions the hair and scalp.

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