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BioNaza Cosmetics Inc., a multinational company in the development of high quality beauty products, was founded in 2002 by Maria Nazare Nunes with the purpose of introducing the Keratin innovation to the world of beauty.


As a small child, Maria lived in Brazil for 14 years with her grandparents who belonged to an indigenous tribe. She learned firsthand the incredible benefits of plant ingredients and their natural habitat. As she grew up, she was taught how to extract them from nature and became passionate about sharing their benefits with the world. Today, the hair and beauty world are being benefited by this



Maria owns a farm in Brazil where she grows all the plants and ingredients used in BioNaza products. In our industry, BioNaza is proud of being the unique “green company” utilizing the Total Quality Control concept. From raw material to finished product, including shipping, all processing stages are under our control.

BioNaza has now grown above our expectations. We associate the phenomenal acceptance of our BioNaza Brazilian Keratin System to our dedication to developing products with excellent quality and the assistance we provide to our customers. Thanks to you, we are moving to greater heights as the world’s number one keratin product

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